The Liking Process: Natural v. Automatic Likes

When it comes to social media pages, many administrators know and understand that there exists a level of interactivity that can develop between the individual utilizing the page and the one that is developing it. This is great in that it can create a conversation, expand brand outreach, and build an understanding of the business that can lead to many networking opportunities and transactions. Among the different ways that this can be accomplished, then, is through acquiring likes. Many different social media pages have this feature or a feature similar to it. But to know it is there and two understand how it is utilized are two different things.

Likes can be either natural or they can be automatic likes that are purchased. The former are those likes that develop across time as a page administrator or developer posts content and the viewer is drawn in. These are the most natural but they are often the slowest, too, leaving those that want a quick turnaround on the likes to be a bit left out in the dark. That is why automatic likes are another. As the name suggests, these likes happen automatically and are utilized as a way to build a following without relying on much effort on the part of the administrator. Yes, content should be good in order to maximize the potential but these likes can be purchased and do awesomely well in growing a page.